4 Enhancements to the Registration Process

Excited to attend the next I-Day in May?  We’re excited to introduce a few new enhancements to the registration process!

    1. Send your regrets: Unable to attend? Now, you can send your regrets.  Click where it says “HERE” in your invitation email then fill and submit a short “regret” survey.  You will be unsubscribed from Buffalo I-Day 2017 emails, but remain on our main email distribution list for other event opportunities and club news.
    2. Confirm your package.  Before you begin the registration process, you’ll see a description of what is included in your event package.  Please note, administrators of sponsor packages will receive a link to register their 2017 Presidential Dinner attendees in the coming year.
    3. Additional booth.  Sponsors are able to order an additional booth space at the time of registration.  Once added, we’ll take care of all the rest! You can always come back to this page and add one at a later time.

    4. Adding guests as TBD, or “to be determined.”  You may indicate TBD in the guest name fields to reserve a spot for a guest, even if you don’t have all of their details yet.  Just remember to save your event confirmation email, so that you may go back in and modify it at a later time.  We’ll also send you a reminder closer to Buffalo I-Day 2017.

Don’t forget to click here and register today!