7 Simple Last-Minute Booth Advertising Ideas for Buffalo I-Day 2018

Did the month get away from you? Don’t give up on your trade show display advertising just because it’s the last minute! Make the most of your booth by using  our suggested top 7 simple, last-minute event advertising ideas:

  1. Before you attend, post on social media with the event hashtag, #bufiday from both your organization and attendee account
  2. Inventory your available company displays and review the Exhibitor Information pages online to see which items are best to bring
  3. Print out flyers to your customers and upload them to the Buffalo I-Day App
  4. Add information about prize giveaways to your Company Page in the Buffalo I-Day App
  5. Create simple tabletop displays or games announcing your upcoming event
  6. Purchase candy or prizes to draw people to your trade show display
  7. Play videos or presentations you have created that showcase your products or services