The Insurance of Buffalo Seeks an Event Planner

Insurance Club of Buffalo, which organizes the largest one-day Insurance Convention in the country, is releasing an RFP for an experienced Event Planner for a 1 year contract position. We are seeking someone who will be responsible for the planning, logistics, registration, coordination and execution of the events listed below and will collaborate with Board of Directors and event-specific committee chairs.


Qualified applicants should submit a letter of interest along with a resume to:

Sherry Ford, (Please reference “ICOB RFP Inquiry” in the subject line of your email).  At that time, a detailed scope of services will be provided, and a proposal is requested within 7 days. 


Term:    8/1/17-7/31/18 (with potential for extension)

Events:  Buffalo I-Day (4/12/18 – Buffalo Niagara Convention Center)

Presidential Dinner (4/11/18 – Buffalo Club)

Golf Outing & Patio Party (July 2018 – tbd)


Responsibilities/Requirements for the term 8/1/17-7/31/18:

Event Planning Services in connection with the above events to include but not limited to;

  • Systems Setup and Testing: CVent setup and administration including contact management
  • CrowdCompass (CVent’s Mobile app)
  • Contact Management – all events
  • Eblast Creation & Management
  • Ongoing Registration Tasks
  • Badge Design/Acquisition
  • Negotiations of supplies/services with third party vendors (ie. Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, printer, décor contractors, photographer, etc)
  • Event Luncheon
  • Pre-Event Setup
  • On-Site Event Management
  • Golf Outing Management
  • Presidential Dinner Registration
  • Post-Event Management
  • Secure necessary staff for Presidential Dinner Registration and Buffalo I-Day setup and day-of needs
  • Event Planner will attend all ICOB Board Meetings (monthly, Sept-May)

and be prepared to present quotes/reports relative to the business of that meeting.

  • Insurance Requirements: Event planner will need to provide proof of insurance subject to minimum liability limits of $1,000,000 CSL, naming Insurance Club of Buffalo as additional insured. (Event planner can subcontract work within scope of service at their own expense.  Subcontractors must provide proof of insurance subject to the same requirements as shown above.  Where event planner is asked to provide staff, it is understood that any and all insurance requirements for those staff are met by the event planner.)
  • Insurance Club of Buffalo (ICOB) agrees to pay Event Planning Contract Price and all reasonable expenses incurred by event planner in connection with performance of the Services (as approved by Board of Directors), and as documented by copies of receipts/other documentation related to the expense. ICOB agrees to pay event planner for all board-approved expenses immediately upon receipt of invoices/documentation.
  • Agreed upon Contract price will be paid by ICOB in five installments, based on the following schedule, contingent on all task deadlines met up to the date payment is due: 8/15/17; 10/1/17, 2/1/18, 5/1/18 and 8/1/18.